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As a medical billing company, our role is very significant in achieving efficiency for healthcare companies. Healthcare companies outsource their physician billing requirements for various reasons like reducing the facility costs and labor costs required. Outsourcing medical billing can increase the revenue of the healthcare facility to a large extent. There is a high chance of encountering losses by managing the billing process on their own. For this main reason these companies go for outsourcing the physician billing services. As leaders in the industry we also strive to achieve maximum profits for our medical insurance billing clients.

Medical billing is a function that is crucial to any medical practice and hospital, big or small. More practices have run into trouble because they neglected the financial part of their practice. It used to be normal for either the doctor to handle this himself or just hire someone to come into his office and take care of this either full time or part time. But things have changed drastically over the years and it is simply not practical for a doctor or any medical practitioner to take care of the medical billing and coding himself or hire someone who is not trained for this.


It also used to be very difficult and cumbersome in the days when the entire physician billing and claims filling and processing was done manually. It was slow and prone to a lot of errors. It was also very expensive. For a small practice or hospital with a few hundred or thousand patients, it became very difficult to maintain records. It was extremely difficult and slow to store, maintain and retrieve any information. There are many medical billing companies, but we are confident that we will remain as the industry leader, providing excellent services at a reasonable price.

We do not charge a per claim fee, nor do we "piece meal" your charges. We simply charge a small percentage of what we collect for you, if we don't collect you don't pay. We offer far more services for a lower rate. Our fees are from 4.5% to 6.5% based on specialty.





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